Teens 12 – 19


Teen English

Teen English courses are designed to keep teens engaged. Each course includes an on-going drama that threads through the lessons, as well as original pop songs by Benaya Doron and Ella Doron. Songs and stories are engaging, entertaining and focus on topics of relevancy to today’s teenagers.
Pop Music for Teen English
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Proven Methodology
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Former Helen Doron English Student

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Courses Just for Teens
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Working with dedicated teachers in small learning groups of up to 8 students, teens receive individualized instruction, learn to express themselves in English, and prepare for matriculation exams.

Teen English* for students 12-19 years is a completely new and original programme that consists of four levels of courses to be taken one after the other.

Teen Talent (A2)
Rock stars, making money, saving the planet, holiday travel—are just some of the topics covered in the songs, stories and activities that make up Teen Talent.

Learning Sets_Teen Talent1_7782Teen Talent Learning Set


Teen Choices (B1)
Teen Choices reinforces the English as a mother-tongue method by exposing students to language used by teens around the world including idioms, jokes and tongue twisters.

Learning Sets_Teen Choices2Teen Choices Learning Set


Teen Express (B1+)
From motivation to adventures around the world, Teen Express encourages teens to express themselves in all possible methods.

Teen Success (B2) Coming in 2017

A basic knowledge of spoken, reading, and writing English are prerequisite to beginning the Teen English programme.

*Teen English is compliant with the Common European Framework of Reference for English.
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